Beau Geste was Preview Choice in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph and Radio Times which described it as '... old fashioned, but delightfully satisfying' .


The Classic Serial BBC Radio 4

PC Wren’s story of love honour and adventure set in Devon and north Africa written in the years following the Great War when the world was coming to terms with the birth of communism in Russia and National Socialism in Germany. Wren saw both as challenges to his notion of Englishness characterised by the proven social order of British colonial rule when a stiff upper lip and a finely tuned moral compass were essential components of a well-ordered society. Beau Geste was recorded on location in the UK and north Africa.

With Chris New, Robert Hastie, Michael Culkin, Timothy Ackroyd, Tessa Worsley, Candida Benson, Anthony Schuster, Nick Hockaday, Freddie Hill, Alex Hockaday, Hannah Sharp, Melissa Gardner, Nick Fletcher, Laurence Possa, Greg Wohead, Don Mousseau, Alasdair MacEwan, Max Bennett and Simon Scardifield.

Directed by Willi Richards.
Produced by Roger James Elsgood

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