Mogadishu was selected for 'Pick of the Week' BBC Radio 4, and preview choice in The Observer and The Telegraph on Sunday.


Drama on 3 BBC Radio 3

Vivienne Franzmann’s visceral story of the events following an assault on a white female teacher by a troubled black student in a London secondary school and the teacher’s well-meaning, but misguided attempts to protect him from the consequences of his actions. This production was a re-imagining for radio by the writer. ‘Mogadishu’ won the George Devine prize for ‘The Most Promising Playwright’ and the ‘Bruntwood Prize for Writing’

With Candida Benson, Malachi Kirby, Jonathan Guy Lewis, Shannon Tarbet, Farshid Rokey, Tendayi Jambere, Chereen Buckley, Michael Karim, Ashley Campbell and Darren Saul.

Directed by Willi Richards
Produced by Roger James Elsgood

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