'Another cracking play from Radio 3. Over on Radio 4 drama may be slipping into the worthy or the mundane, but on Radio 3 they're thinking big. This week's star-studded offering has Michael Gambon as a hotel night porter, Michael Sheen as a security man and Clive Owen as a shadowy observer. They are trying to coax a Hollywood superstar out of his hotel room and onto the film set, but for mysterious reasons the star is reluctant to budge. Written and directed by Mike Hodges of 'Get Carter' fame, this is a dark farce from someone who knows the form’.


Drama on 3, BBC Radio 3

Written and directed by Mike Hodges, the first of his radio trilogy, starring Michael Gambon, Clive Owen, Michael Sheen, Gary Waldhorn, Kate Hardie, Simon Wilkinson and Alex Pascall.

Written and directed by Mike Hodges
Produced by Roger James Elsgood

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